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EM Pulser PEMF
Pulsed Field BioBalancer

EM Pulser: A New Healing Paradigm: Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)
Pain Relief and Accelerated Healing Without Side Effects.

The newest version of the famous, discontinued EM-Pulse, now updated, improved, more powerful, and rechargeable.


See the Magnetan for a micro-PEMF device for mood and energy balancing.

The original EM-Pulse had FDA approval. Used worldwide, this amazing healing, anti-inflammatory technology has proved helpful in a variety of illnesses and injuries, including soft tissue trauma, fractures, ankle sprains, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, gynecologic pain including PMS, neurodegenerative disorders, MS, migraine, skin ulcers, postop and traumatic wound healing, and virtually any inflammatory problems of stomach muscles, bursa, tendons, or joints. EM Pulser technology has always been safe and has never had a reported side effect.

The new portable, rechargeable EM Pulser weighs five ounces in a 1" x 3" x 5" case. EM Pulser low frequency magnetic fields pass completely through the body to heal deep injury and relieve pain. Since it is designed to activate the restorative and healing heat shock protein (HSP 70) within 10 minutes with the famous nanosecond risetime of the magnetic pulses (see Dr. Gordon's DVD, explaining the antioxidant and HSP 70 benefits, sent FREE with every order), it has been found to be effective with arthritis, bruises, swelling, sprains, cuts, trauma, carpal tunnel, backache, sciatica, fractures, and more. 

View the EM Pulser History pdf for a detailed explanation as originally presented by Dr. Gordon and updated by Dr. Thomas Valone, PhD, physicist and licensed professional engineer. 

The EM Pulser comes with rechargeable 9V battery and charger, complete instructions.

30 Day Trial. If not completely satisfied, return for a refund less 15%.

The New EM Pulser

   $295.00 including Priority Mail S&H in US.

Comes with rechargeable 9V battery and charger, complete instructions, and Dr. Gordon DVD.

Pulsing waves strengthen your body's own natural healing ability

Electromagnetic pulse therapy (EMPT) has been used throughout Europe and Asia to improve health since World War II. As early as 1968, studies proved the healing effects of magnetic fields. Most recently, a study conducted at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, concluded that 76 percent of patients reported a pain decrease greater than the average placebo effect when they wore therapeutic magnets. Pain relief occured within 45 minutes.

Studies have also demonstrated the positive effects of low frequency magnetic fields on the cell membrane. Electrical current is crucial to healthy cell development. In America, electromagnetic energy is being used to accelerate bone healing and to diagnose illness and injuries through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

EMPT activates cells

Relieve pain
Soothe sore muscles
Enhance blood flow
Promote overall health

Normal cells absorb oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream and discharge waste byproducts through the cell membrane. When injury or disease affects cells, the ability to take in the materials cells need to function normally is diminished. With less oxygen in the bloodstream, circulation and overall health suffers. Waste products such as lactic acid build up, causing pain.

The EM Pulser restores the cell membrane's normal function, encouraging the free exchange of oxygen, nutrients and waste products. By working on a cellular level, Magnetan encourages increased blood flow and oxygenation of injured tissue, which relieves pain.

Reaches deeper for better results

The EM Pulser reaches deeper into injured tissue than static magnets. Static magnets must be positioned precisely over a painful area to achieve any effect. The EM Pulser uses EMPT frequencies that foster healing activity throughout the body, which makes placement of the device less crucial.

The EM Pulser is truly the next generation in magnetic therapy.

EMPT is different from other approaches because it works with - not against - your body's natural rhythms and cycles. The EM Pulser is not a biofeedback device or mind-control regime. There is no system to learn, no exercises to perform - In fact, using the EM Pulser requires no special effort on your part whatsoever!

The EM Pulser could not be easier to use.

Click here for FAQ and NASA study on PEMF

• Stops inflammation faster than any drug or other technology
• Cost effective
• Synergistic with drug therapy

How it works:
Injury & Disease = Free Radical Event
Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) Increase Neutralization by Antioxidants and
Increases antioxidant healing activity up to a hundredfold
Example: fracture healing in 10-12 days instead of six weeks

Free Radicals/Antioxidants:
Both are paramagnetic drawn to and oriented by magnetic field (compass effect).
Pulsed Magnetic Fields are a catalyst to increase antioxidant efficacy 100 fold

Must stop one to start the other
Must be able to upregulate tissue and tissue restoration genes

NASA Findings on PEMF:
• NANOSECOND Speed = 2-4 times healing power
• nPEMF upregulates approx. 150 repair genes
• Transforming growth factor-1 - bone
• Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) - vessels
• Increases mitochondria 300-400%
• Antioxidant healing activity up to a hundredfold

NASA’s Conclusion:
“Nanosecond speed is up to 4.0 times as effective as DC, sine wave,and millisecond technology which was found to be little better than placebo”

Scientific Scrutiny:
• 2000-3000 PEMF articles in Natl Library of Medicine
• Largest study ever by NASA
• DOD use in Iraq and acute trauma study
• FDA approved non-unions since 1979
• W.H.O. reviewed worldwide and found “no adverse side effects”

Spectrum of Use:
• Inflammation/Pain
• Bites, stings, trauma
• Arthritis, muscle injury
• Neuritis, neuropathy
• Carpal tunnel
• Back Pain
• Pain Relief
• Tissue healing
• Menses and childbirth
• Tissue Restoration
• Nerve repair
• Fracture healing
• Prosthesis stabilization
• Myocardial ischemia, congestive failure
• Cerebral ischemia, stroke
• Spinal Cord Injury


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