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WaveWare: WaveRider Windows Software
 Download Demo WaveWare with sample data file.
 Download WaveRider Manual

WaveWare is the Windows-based software used with the WaveRider biofeedback system with EEG, GSR, Heart Rate, and muscle tension readings. WaveWare provides a fast response to biological signals for effective feedback. Pleasant screens display data for easy comprehension. User-created windows process and output biological signals. Double-clicking on any window opens a dialog box that controls the processing and display characteristics of that window. An unlimited number of windows may be opened at one time.

WaveWare requires XP Mode to run in Windows 7.
It also runs on Macs in Paralllels.
Windows 7 Basic and Windows 7 Home Premium may be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional. The upgrade is a software key that unlocks software already resident on the computer. The upgrade may be purchased online. Cost is approximately $75.

The installation is a multi-step process that requires restarting the computer.
There may be a point in the installation where it appears that something has installed, when it has not. Just try again.

Once XP mode is successfully installed, install WaveWare and the USB to serial cable inside XP Mode. It will appear as an item on your start menu. 

Start -> Virtual PC -> XP Mode -> WaveWare.

XP Mode is a virtual machine, which is a virtual computer and operating system inside the computer.


Pre-programmed protocols provide the beginning user with many popular protocols and an easy entry path. Once familiar with the software processed data modes can be used to design user specific protocols.

Pre-Programmed Protocols
  GSR GSR/Percent Alpha  
  Heart Beta/Theta  
  Muscle SMR/Theta  
  Percent Alpha Theta Suppress  
  Percent High Alpha Blues Ensemble  
  Alpha Amplitude    
Xpert Tool Kit
  Brain Reflector Beta/Theta for Two Channels  
  Alpha/Theta with Two Tones Alpha/Theta for Two Channels  
  SMR/Theta for Two Channels Checker  
Processed Data Modes- Brain
  Standard deviation of the difference between two brainwave channels

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) based frequency analysis
  Average Frequency: Average frequency based on the amount of power in each FFT frequency bin .

Power in Passband: Amount of power in a user-specified frequency passband

Ratio of Power in Passbands: Ratio of power between two user-specified frequency passbands
Digital Filter based frequency analysis
  Digital Filter: User-selected digital filter output

Reward/Suppress: User-selected digital filter with threshold conditions on the selected filter and an additional filter

Ratio of Two Filters: Ratio of two user-selected digital filters outputs

Reward/Suppress Ratio:
Other Processed Data Modes


Heart Rate

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

The FFT is a mathematical prism that splits complex signals into their constituent "frequency bins", just as a prism splits light into its' constituent colors. The FFT takes in a time-domain signal, and outputs an array of numbers that represent the amount of power in each "frequency-bin." WaveWare calculates one hertz wide frequency bins that range from one to 40 hertz. The FFT generates the data that feeds the Average Frequency, Power in Passband, and Ratio of Power in Passband modes. Selectable frequency bins and time averaging are availabe in each mode.
Digital Filter

The Digital Filter is a mathematical process that outputs the amount of power in a range of frequencies as described by a set of filter co-efficients. WaveWare provides a large selection of pre-calculated filter co-efficients that cover many frequency ranges. The Digital Filter generates the data that feeds the Digital Filter, Ratio of Two Filters, Reward/Suppress, and the Reward/Suppress Ratio modes. Selectable integration of filter outputs over time is availabe in each mode.
Export Capabilities

ASCII:WaveWare will create an ascii data file containing offline processed data from opened general graph windows.

DDE: WaveWare will export live processed and raw data from opened general graph windows and strip charts.
Storage Capabilities
  WaveWare stores raw data from each channel. Notes may be included in each file. Export to ascii provides the ability to export and store processed data.  

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