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The Terminator II: Crystal Orgone Magnetic Zapper

The Zapper  technology of Hulda Clark, updated by Don Croft, refined, miniaturized, and made easier to use and less expensive to buy at $130. incl. S&H (REG. $145). Case and contacts go against skin directly for convenient, extended use.
(1" X 2" X 3")
Now with crystal booster, magnet, and orgone enhancer.

Click for an article on this technology by Bob Beck.

We recommend Fulvic Minerals to improve your body's electrical conductivity and health.


     A growing number of healthcare providers believe that many people (with age, this number increases) experience some degree of illness and debilitation from the presence of parasites in the body. Parasites are usually thought of as worms, but bacteria, viruses, and fungi are also parasites.
     Zapping for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening, daily, for three or four weeks can produce positive changes, as noted practitioners have claimed, but should not harm human tissue or beneficial flora. Many users have found relief from a variety of chronic and acute conditions within days and even minutes of zapping.
     Long periods of zapping are sometimes crucial in certain situations. While other zapper makers have increased the current of their zappers to address this, their zappers are uncomfortable to wear. This new design incorporates the electrodes on the surface of the case to eliminate the need for wires, paste, and water/salt solutions.

     The TERMINATOR II consists of a plastic box measuring 1” x 2” x 3” with a switch, an indicator light, and two electrodes (copper pennies) glued onto the bottom of the box, and designed to contact bare skin, preferably under the clothing for ease of use.  Inside,  it contains an electrical circuit that pulses the electrical output, crystals, a magnet, an orgone enhancer, and a mobius coil.
II uses a frequency of 15Hz because low frequencies seem to be much more efficient than higher ones at getting current through the skin, and 15Hz produces a mildly euphoric feeling, which encourages one to use the zapper. Both models have this frequency. We also believe that using a zapper at this frequency expands consciousness.
II contains a 9v battery and an electric circuit modified from the one promoted by Dr. Hulda Clark. Improvements include an amethyst gemstone in the line to the positive electrode and a garnet in the line to the negative electrode as well as an orgone enhancer. These have an integrating, modulating effect, according to extensive anecdotal evidence. Though difficult to explain in conventional scientific terms. people who had been uncomfortable wearing a zapper without these crystals have said that the crystals make it pleasurable to wear this zapper. The crystals enhance the electromagnetic energy of the zapper and stimulate kundalini in the body. It feels like the crystals form an energetic bridge between the device and the body.
II also has a powerful rare earth magnet and a mobius coil. The magnet (of which the north side is facing the body) apparently has an affinity with orgone energy and amplifies orgone, directing it into the body in an active, clockwise-spinning vortex. 
     This model offers a great deal more pain-relieving, energizing and detoxifying effects on the body than previous models. Again, the field effect of this unit makes it more effective for working on affected parts or the body if it’s worn over or close to these parts. The mobius coil, which is in the line to the negative electrode, apparently wakes up latent energy within the body itself in a balanced, beneficial way. Some call this energy kundalini. A session with the Terminator feels pleasantly stimulating to most people.
     Orgone Enhancers (new invention) are made by putting metal particles in an organic matrix. The close proximity of crystals, and the current passing thru it, seems to multiply and focus orgone from the generator. Orgone is also known as chi, ether, life force, animal magnetism, etc. Oriental practitioners perform acupuncture, qigong, Reiki, etc. to draw this energy into the body for healing, and Dr. Wilhelm Reich designed devices which accumulate the energy from the environment and focus it into the body. In this configuration the electric current, crystals and orgone work synergistically to speed up the killing of parasites, expulsion of poisonous substances, and to rebuild and invigorate weak and/or damaged tissues. There is also enhanced pain relief when this model is worn over affected areas.

DISCLAIMER AND STATEMENT OF CAUTION: These statements represent the opinions of various authors and may not have enough scientific validation to warrant drawing any conclusions as to efficacy. If you decide to try any of these experimental techniques, you do so at your own risk. Many bona fide health care providers use and recommend these modalities, but you should check with your doctor before you change or make additions to your treatment regime.
We present this information in the spirit of free expression and believe that you have the right to learn about a wide spectrum of ideas about healthcare and wellness issues. Please use common sense when evaluating alternative health products and concepts.
We have gotten good results with the products we sell and feel comfortable recommending that you try them. We have received numerous positive testimonies from users of our products. Occasionally a user decides that the product did not meet expectations and we allow returns within a reasonable time.
We do not intend that you use our products as medical devices.  Never use them as a substitute for any therapy or treatment prescribed by a physician or other health professional

While wearing the zapper for extended periods may work as an aggressive approach, occasionally a person with acid wastes from pathogenic organisms will get noticeable irritations even after proper use of the device. To avoid this, put the zapper in a sock and/or only use on the palm or sole of the foot.

High acidity may result from mycoplasmas. See "Mycoplasmas: – The Missing Link in Fatiguing" and a Naturopath's viewpoint

We highly recommend using zappers with Colloidal Silver for best results.

Free Shipping in US. S&H to Canada: $15 via US Priority Mail. S&H everywhere else: $35 via US Express Mail Insured and Trackable, usually 4-5 days.

TERMINATOR II : $130. (includes S&H in US) Regular Retail $135 + S&H  Save even more when ordered with a Colloidal Silver Generator such as Silvonic.

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