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LED Light Therapy and NOGIER frequencies

Click here for a professional pulsed array or here for our other arrays.

PC Pulser flashes LEDs.
Add advanced healing frequencies.

The PC Pulse LED Pulser includes :
1 PC Pulse interface box
1 Audio Cable (12 Ft. 3.5 mm Stereo)
1 CD for PC (no Mac version yet)

Connect the Pulser to your PC's sound card with the cable and use the CD to generate frequencies. The CD has the seven Nogier frequencies and the Solfeggio frequencies as well as others for experimentation. Includes a sound editing program to create custom frequencies.

NOTE: May require more output than many laptops produce. If no pulse seen, connect to stereo amplifier.

No longer available LED Pulser $59.95  (incl S&H in US and Canada)

NOGIER frequencies:

For a more extensive explanation of the NOGIER frequencies, visit

Seven frequencies were developed experimentally by Dr Paul NOGIER in the 1970s. These frequencies are constantly used in routine medical practice, as they are preferentially recognized by the body. They enter into resonance with the body and specific exert effects on the body. These frequencies are used both for detection and for treatment.


Value (Hz)

The U frequency is the so-called "universal" frequency and the resulting 7 fundamental frequencies are multiples of 2.

The same frequencies are used for laser devices, but at a higher harmonic. They have an identical action.

Value (Hz)

Definition of frequencies by Drs Paul and Raphaλl NOGIER:
Extract from "The man in the ear", Maisonneuve, 1979, 255 p.

The "A" frequency is associated, in the animal kingdom, with non-organized, embryonic structures. It is the frequency of the primitive living being; it is in sympathy with the cell in the crude, undifferentiated state. This frequency, the most archaic, can also be considered to be the most anarchic.

The more elaborate "B" frequency is specific to the nutritional visceral system and is related to the primitive gastrointestinal apparatus.

The "C" frequency indicates motor elements of the body. It reflects movement, the limbs, the renal system, the genital tract.

The "D" frequency leads us to a higher level of organization, as it introduces the concept of symmetry, by selectively affecting certain unpaired organs, presenting the characteristic of being solitary, but anatomically symmetrical; for example the corpus callosum or the white commissure, two symmetrical cerebral structures, situated between the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere

The "E" frequency is that of the spinal cord and central nervous system, which perceives and communicates between functional units situated at different levels.

The "F" frequency represents subcortical cerebral regions. These structures are found in the brain of higher animals, dogs, for example.

The "G" frequency resonates with the most elaborate structures of the body, those of the cerebral cortex, the typically human part of the brain, which gives man the capacity to think, create and imagine.

The following table summarizes the main therapeutic applications of NOGIER frequencies:
A action on the tissues wounds, epithelial tumours, epidermal reactions...
B gastrointestinal and metabolic problems, trophic functions, polarity, parasympathetic, interoceptive impulses...
C locomotor problems, ergotropic function, sympathetic polarity....
D disorders of laterality
E pain and nerve conduction spinal cord diseases
F brain and bone reconstruction
G action on the cerebral cortex cortical, mental disorders ...

The effects can be potentiated by associating various frequencies. These combinations of frequencies are especially used in local therapy:

Analgesic: Frequencies E & G
Regenerating: Frequencies A, B & F
Muscle Relaxing: Frequencies C, D & G

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