Mental Fitness
Detailed info on how to succeed with neurotechnology

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 Silvonic Pro Colloidal Silver Generator:
The Natural Antibiotic you make for pennies!

 Structured Water:
Make your water wetter and more energetic without electricity. Portable too.

Hazel Parcells
Magnetic tables, chairs, Thea Lites.

Info on CES (Cranial Electrical Stimulation for mood, IQ, addictions) , TENS (for pain), Blood Purification, etc.

Oasis Pro CES : Miniature multipurpose microcurrent CES balances neurotransmitters.

 Zappers: Electrical and magnetic stimulation for parasite elimination thru blood purification.

 EM Pulser PEMF for deeper penetration. Excellent for pain, accelerated healing, lymph, etc.

 CES Ultra:
Multi-use CES, TENS +

Light & Sound Mind Machines
Instant meditation, stress reduction, accelerated learning

Delight Pro  with CES: Miniature multipurpose microcurrent CES synchronized to pulsing lights and sounds!

 PROTEUS: All the Orion programs and features with advanced PC link and BiColor lights!

 A.D.D. & Learning Disorders

Self-Improvement Solutions:Tapes/CDs
HypnoPeripheralProcessing for fast, automatic changes in thoughts, feelings, and behavior. 

 Make your own self-  improvement tapes!

• EEG & Biofeedback

 ThoughtStream GSR: Portable biofeedback relaxation trainer

Essential Nutrients:

Fulvic Minerals

Nascent Iodine

Used Gear: Hot deals!

• L/S and Migraines
• L/S and PMS
PMS,EEG, and L/S

Mind Machines

Elixa has many products that can help people of all ages improve their ability to concentrate, learn, create, and cope. We have simple yet powerful light and sound brainwave synchronizers that act like training wheels for the mind. These devices range in price from $179 (see Proteus) to over $500.

You can also consider biofeedback/neurofeedback devices like the WaveRider which use a few connections to the scalp and your PC. The easy-to-use software tells you when you've reached the desired state of mind and the effects last and become second nature with time. We hope that more parents and educators will try these non-invasive approaches before resorting to drugs.

We realize that you may find this information confusing and have many questions. Please feel free to contact us by email or by phone at (800)766-4544 or (505) 293-4648.

Learn about mind machines, biofeedback, CES, peak performance, accelerated learning, and stress reduction.

Here's how Michael Hutchison describes the experience of using mind machines in Megabrain:

You sit down comfortably, don the electrical headgear, flip a switch, close your eyes and sink into a state of what seems like deep relaxation. A half hour later, as you turn off the machine, you feel extremely alert and lucid.

Your brain is now functioning more effectively than it was before. Your memory -- both your ability to memorize new information and to recall information you have already learned -- has increased dramatically. Your ability to think creatively, to solve problems, has expanded. The speed with which your brain cells pass messages among themselves has increased. In fact, many of your brain cells have actually grown a microscopic examination would show that the brain cells have developed more dendrites, the branching filaments that carry messages from one cell to another, and more synapses, the junctures between the brain cells across which impulses are transmitted. You are more intelligent than you were a half hour before.

Such devices now exist and are being used by increasing numbers of people.

So begins Michael Hutchison's book Megabrain ("Mega" derived from the Greek word for great or powerful).

For close to 10 years, we have researched, designed, and marketed mind machines as well as trained people how to use these amazing tools. You don't know what you've missed until you experience the profound changes in your alertness, creativity, memory, and happiness that can result from 30 minutes a day with one of these systems!

Explore the following links, pick a system you'd like to try, and take advantage of Elixa's 30 day Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee*
*15% restock fee on mind machines. No refunds on tapes and CDs unless defective.

Light & Sound Machines
Instant relaxation, meditation, accelerated learning and more. Suggestions for use in rapid, deep personal change.

Light & Sound for ADD and Learning Disorders
The PR-2X PRO with Ruth Olmstead programs.

EEG & Biofeedback
Train your brain to enter the performance zone.

For pain management, cravings, relaxation, sleep.

Used Gear
Hard-to-find mind machines,tapes, and books at reduced prices.

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