Mental Fitness
Detailed info on how to succeed with neurotechnology

 Silvonic Colloidal Silver Generator:
The Natural Antibiotic you make for pennies!

 Parcells Magnetic Bed

Brain Lightning
2 capsules noticeably improve focus, creativity, and work!

Info on CES (Cranial Electrical Stimulation for mood, IQ, addictions) , TENS (for pain), Blood Purification, etc.

 CES Ultra:
Multi-use CES, TENS and more.

 BT-8 BioTuner:
The famous "Bob Beck Black Box" CES  for depression, anxiety, insomnia, addictions, focus and IQ. No prescription!

 Fisher-Wallace Liss:
Advanced waveform CES for depression, insomnia, anxiety, sore muscles, and more.

Oasis Pro : Miniature multipurpose microcurrent CES synchronized to pulsing lights and sounds!

 Zappers: Electrical and magnetic stimulation for parasite elimination thru blood purification.

Light & Sound Mind Machines
Instant meditation, stress reduction, accelerated learning

 PROTEUS: All the Orion programs and features with advanced PC link and BiColor lights!

 A.D.D. &
  Learning Disorders

Self-Improvement Solutions:Tapes/CDs
HypnoPeripheralProcessing for fast, automatic changes in thoughts, feelings, and behavior. 

 Make your own self-  improvement tapes!

 EEG & Biofeedback
 ThoughtStream GSR: Portable relaxation trainer
 WaveRider EEG:
Complete home and professional training system for ADD, meditation, peak performance.

Used Gear: Hot deals!

 L/S and Migraines
 L/S and PMS
PMS,EEG, and L/S

Elixa WaveRider LUMA MidiStim LED Glasses:
Synchronized Neurofeedback and Brain Wave Entrainment

Combining biofeedback and brain wave entrainment.

MindPeak LUMA couples LED light glasses with WaveRider Biofeedback for faster progress.

 More effective than light and sound alone because the light glasses respond to your brainwaves.

More effective than traditional neurofeedback because the light glasses actively entrain your brainwave activity, pushing and pulling them into the desired pattern.

Traditional neurofeedback uses passive cues to respond to your actual mental states. Light and sound devices use active entrainment but cannot respond to your actual brainwaves.  The MindPeak Luma actively entrains your mental state in response to actual brainwaves.  This means faster and more effective mental training. 

 Use MindPeak Luma in two ways.

1.        Vary the frequency of the light glasses to achieve the desired brainwave state.

2.        Use MindPeak LUMA as training wheels to help you up when you fall out of state. Increase the light intensity when your brainwaves are out of state and decrease the light intensity when you are in state.

MindPeak Luma Basic $375.00 (click for ordering info)

Interface box
Red closed eye Light Glasses
Protocols developed especially  for light glasses:
         SMR for closed eyes:  basic attention training

MindPeak Luma Deluxe $475.00 (click for ordering info)

Interface box
Red closed eye light glasses
Red open-eyed light glasses
Protocols developed especially  for light glasses:
         SMR protocol for open-eyes:  ultimate attention training
         SMR protocol for closed eyes:  basic attention training

WaveRider Jr., WaveRider Pro, or CEO: The 1 channel WaveRider (not included).
Windows computer with MIDI capable Sound card and a 15 pin game port.

WaveRider Pricing

MindSet 16 channel EEG Brain Mapper for PC

EEG & Biofeedback
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