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Make Colloidal Silver, the antibiotic of the future with the Silvonic Pro Automatic CS Generator.
Lifetime warranty. $195. Same day free Insured Priority Mail S&H in US. 

Now you can have fresh, powerful, safe protection against biological threats, strengthen your immune system, and feel great for pennies per ounce. Colloidal Silver works when nothing else will.

As of October 2014, we have seen no research indicating that Colloidal Silver (CS) has any effect on the Ebola virus, but it makes sense that having a strong immune system, bolstered by daily intake of 10 PPM CS, should help ward off most threats or at least minimize their impact. We also recommend maintaining high levels of Vitamin C, iodine, as well as drinking more CS at the first sign of infection, irrigating the sinuses, inhaling CS with our Nebulizer, and using the Terminator II Parasite Zapper.

Silvonic CS Generators automatically make highly effective nano-particle CS with long shelf life. Our CS generators use the constant current method to produce the smallest particles and most desirable ratio of colloidal and ionic silver. This method has been checked against samples tested by an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer at a range average of 12 PPM at 85% readable ionic. Our clear CS will not degrade in light!

The new Silvonic Pro with auto shut-off and lifetime warranty makes ultrafine, nano-particle CS. Only $195 including S&H in US to make 100 gallons of high potency CS to protect your family. It makes up to 1 quart/32 ounces without stirring.

Variable strength. Plug & Play. Idiot-proof! Works with any power. Comes with two 7" 12 gauge 99.99% pure silver rods. Constant current method ensures smallest particle size and highest ionic ratio (see research* that proves that silver ions kill micro-organisms). Lifetime Warranty. Comes with AC power supply and conductivity meter. Add the powerful, wireless Terminator II Parasite Zapper for $115 (save 10%) to turbocharge the effects of colloidal silver as recommended by Bob Beck, Robert Becker, numerous health care professionals and thousands of satisfied users.

It only takes a little silver, distilled water, and electricity to make an effective natural antibiotic. Our automatic CS generators make it easy to produce as much safe, effective antimicrobial Colloidal Silver as you want. They operate on a variety of power supplies in case of emergency. One pair of rods make over 100 gallons! With our advanced technology, you cannot mess up a batch. Just set it and forget it. Make several quarts per day if desired.

"I have used colloidal silver almost every day for over 20 years, very seldom get sick and never for more than a few days. My protocol: at night, after flossing and brushing, I take a mouthful of 10ppm CS that I make with our Silvonic Pro Automatic CS Generator, swish it around to protect my teeth and gums, hold it for a few minutes so it gets absorbed, and then swallow. In the rare event that I feel a challenge from a virus or bacteria, I will drink several ounces as often as I want, irrigate my sinuses, and inhale CS with a nebulizer. At 70, I take no medications and have the vitality of a 25 year old!"          Phil Safier, Pres. Elixa, Ltd.

I just want to say that colloidal silver has saved my life. I had ulcerative colitis for ten years and was hospitalized for two weeks one time. The medicines they were giving me helped for a while but I always got worse. I started colloidal silver about 2 years ago  and have  been symptom free for about a year. I've gotten my life back, am totally off medication, and can eat whatever I want, drink alcohol, everything. I'm so happy!  Alina R.

Click here for our FAQ, research papers, and other useful background on Colloidal Silver.

The Beck Protocol calls for using Colloidal Silver along with MicroCurrent Blood Electrification (Parasite Zapping), Water Ozonation and Magnetic Pulsing. The Silvonic Pro makes better CS automatically and the Terminator II Zapper has advanced circuitry and no wires. Get a special combination price for both. Click here.

Silvonic Pro Automatic Colloidal Silver Generator $195 with AC power and Conductivity Meter and S&H in US. 1 pair 7" 12 gauge 99.99% pure American silver rods make 100 gallons 10 ppm CS. Variable strength. Plug & Play. Works with any power 110-240V. Also works on batteries and other power sources 12-36V DC. Constant current nano particles. Most advanced CS circuit for home use. Lifetime Warranty Made in USA.

The Silvonic Pro Automatic Colloidal Silver Generator includes everything needed to make the best Nano-particle Ionic Colloidal Silver fresh and potent for pennies per ounce.

Use any glass jar up to 1 quart/32 ounces.

Most store-bought distilled water makes excellent Colloidal Silver (check it first with our conductivity meter), but our distillers make the purest water available. If you make lots of CS or want to drink distilled water (recommended), get this one! $179 incl S&H in US. (Less if purchased with a CS Generator. See the Silvonic Pro page for more combination discounts.) Includes non-reactive polycarbonate collection bottle. Glass bottle available.

Inhale Colloidal Silver with our Nebulizer which atomizes liquids. Get CS directly into the lungs  for respiratory conditions. This also puts nano silver into the blood quickly. Great for allergies too.
Only $49 incl. S&H in US. (Discounted to $39 if ordered with Silvonic Pro) BPA-free cup.

Make Colloidal Silver Ointment with our kit for only $20 (when purchased with the Silvonic Pro CS Generator). As easy to make as Jello! Speeds healing, kills fungus, and relieves the pain and itching of burns and bites.

Because the Silvonic makes such fine colloidal silver, you can use it liberally whenever you feel the need. Drink it, inhale it into your sinuses with a spray bottle, or breathe it with a nebulizer. Soak your feet in it!  

We recommend Fulvonic Minerals to improve your body's electrical conductivity and health.


We recommend 5-10 PPM CS for best results. Nano-particle CS works better than stronger solutions which typically have larger particles. Instead of making stronger CS,  just take more 5-10PPM! Topical uses like CS ointment can use 15-25 PPM CS.

Why you should have a conductivity meter: In order to make CS with the smallest particles, the water should have no minerals or other contaminants. Without a conductivity meter, you cannot tell the quality of your water. You should also check your CS strength with a meter so that it does not exceed 10 PPM for internal use. We recommend 5-10 PPM for best particle size and ionic content.

Colloidal vs. Ionic Silver controversy: In order to find a competitive edge, some sellers have created a false distinction between colloidal and ionic silver. In fact, Colloidal silver must contain  both silver nanoparticles and ions. Our Silvonic Pro Automatic CS Generator produces CS with a high ratio of ions to particles. Recent academic research* shows that silver ions, not particles, that come into contact with micro-organisms kill them.

Click here for our FAQ, research papers, and other useful background on Colloidal Silver.

*Ions, not particles, make silver toxic to bacteria

Rice University researchers have settled a long-standing controversy over the mechanism by which silver nanoparticles, the most widely used nanomaterial in the world, kill bacteria.

Silver ions delivered by nanoparticles to bacteria promote lysis, the process by which cells break down and ultimately die, which makes silver nanoparticles a superior and widely used antibacterial agent. New research by Rice University found that silver ions, not the particles themselves, are toxic to bacteria. ... the straightforward answer to the decade-old question is that the insoluble silver nanoparticles do not kill cells by direct contact. But soluble ions, when activated via oxidation in the vicinity of bacteria, do the job nicely.

Concerned about turning blue? Read why argyria does not happen with properly made CS and sensible use. If colloidal silver caused any type of problem, wouldn't we see thousands of examples by now? Opponents of colloidal silver, typically shills for Big Pharma, cite a very few instances of argyria caused by using improperly made silver solutions, not by properly made nano-particle colloidal silver as made by our Silvonic CS Generators.

Download an excellent article on how and why silver ions kill microbes.

Topical Silver An Effective Defense Against MRSA Threat:
AcryMed Inc, a medical device company specializing in wound care and infection control technology, released research findings that show silver to be effective in combating MRSA topically, a potentially deadly infection that is raising growing concern among the medical community. MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a type of germ dubbed a "super bug" due to its resistance against penicillin and other common antibiotics.
"The results of our laboratory testing show that the infection fighting properties of silver is quite effective in killing the MRSA strain," said Bruce Gibbins, founder and CTO of AcryMed. Used in medical dressings or in ointment form, silver can be an extremely useful first defense in stopping MRSA before it develops into a systemic infection. More over, due to the nature of antimicrobial silver, it is highly unlikely that MRSA or other developing strains of staph infections will ever build immunities to silver as they have to penicillin and some topical antibiotics.

Tip of the month:
At the first sign of a cold (tickling sensation in nose/throat, etc.), snort CS every hour or so. This often stops the spread of the rhinovirus and subverts the disease process. Use Colloidal Silver early and often and avoid the rush to sickness!

If you have come down with the current illness (sneezing, coughing, aches, etc), in addition to using CS, we recommend intensive use of a good probiotic (see Friendly Colonizer) and grape seed extract (see ProPlus).


Silver in the news:
Hong Kong testing anti-bacterial nano-coating in subways
Hong Kong is now testing an anti-bacterial silver-titanium dioxide nanoparticle coating on surfaces in its subway cars, says ABC News. Expect to see the same in London's tube in the near future.
World's first Silver Nano technology-enabled washing machine launched by Samsung
Study Shows Silver Nanoparticles Attach to HIV-1 virus
In the first-ever study of metal nanoparticles' interaction with HIV-1, silver nanoparticles of sizes 1-10nm attached to HIV-1 and prevented the virus from bonding to host cells. The study, published in the Journal of Nanotechnology, was a joint project between the University of Texas, Austin and Mexico Univeristy, Nuevo Leon.
Major Manufacturer Marketing Therapeutic Silver:

Silver dressings are used regularly in the hospital setting to help control infections in major wounds and burns. Now, consumers can use silver for at-home first aid emergencies with the new Curad Silver Bandage line. New Curad Silver Bandages use silver in the wound pad as a natural antibacterial. Laboratory testing showed that silver in the dressing reduced the growth of bacteria like Staph. aureaus, E. coli, E. hirae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a powerful germ that does not respond to many antibacterials, for 24 hours."

Colloidal Silver Generators
Make excellent CS for less!

$195.   Silvonic Pro
Automatic CS Generator with Conductivity Meter.
Lifetime warranty.  Made in USA.

 Countertop Distiller
make your own high-quality distilled water for making CS and drinking. Now only $179. (Discount with a generator!)

 Make Colloidal Silver Ointment

 Terminator Zapper for   blood purification and parasites $129. (Discount with a generator!)

More Info:
"Natural Antibiotic"

"A Closer Look"

"Particle Size"

During the first 30 days of using one of our colloidal silver generators, if it does not meet your expectations, simply return it in good condition for a refund less 15%.

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Why pay $10 (or more) per ounce for Colloidal Silver when you can make it fresh and potent for 10 cents per ounce?

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver,
the Antibiotic of the Future!

Antibiotic-resistant germs are now considered epidemic in the United States, accounting for a growing number of serious infectious disorders. While most antibiotics disinfect about a half dozen or so germs, silver has been reported to disinfect hundreds. Most importantly, unlike conventional antibiotics, germs cannot build a resistance to the action of silver. A properly prepared colloid of silver is a special liquid preparation of this trace mineral that is extremely safe to use, even with children and pets, without many of the negative side effects of prescription antibiotics.
...from Colloidal Silver: The Natural Antibiotic Alternative by Zane Baranowski, CN.

Why our CS generators have led the field for over 10 years:
There are many manufacturers of Colloidal Silver Makers, Zappers, and Blood Electrifiers. Most of them have simply taken ideas or plans that were given away into the public domain and manufactured these devices without knowing how to check them for effectiveness! Our devices have been laboratory tested to ensure proper particle size. They were the first to make colloidal silver without using salt or other electrolytes which compromise quality and safety. Our units are the easiest to use and last for years!

Our colloidal silver generators produce true colloidal silver through electrolysis, the preferred method of manufacture. They electrically sinter microscopic particles of silver off the .9999 (99.99% pure) silver electrodes into distilled water. When you place the silver electrodes into water, you can see the colloidal changes taking place before your eyes. During the colloid making process, bubbles come off one electrode while the other darkens and emits a fine mist of microscopic silver particles.

The Silvonic Pro Colloidal Silver Generator automatically produces solutions equal to or better than the finest available on the market! We have improved the design without increasing the cost to make premium, ultrafine 5-10 ppm solutions, with particle size in the range considered optimal (0.001 - 0.015 microns in diameter), and outperform any system on the market, guaranteed. It comes with two .9999 silver electrodes, and instructions that tell you everything you need to know to start making Colloidal Silver at home. All you need to add is distilled water, available at most markets for approx. $1/gallon or make your own with our countertop distiller.

When considering the purchase of a Colloidal Silver Generator, make sure that the unit will produce transparent solutions in the 5-10PPM range!  Beware of units that require the use of electrolytes (salt etc.). They do not make Colloidal Silver with particle sizes as small as the
Silvonic Pro Colloidal Silver Generator and they can introduce unwanted chemical combinations. Many generators do not properly position the electrodes. Our generators use electrodes that plug into a holder for automatic, accurate spacing necessary for optimal particle size.


CLICK HERE to read the Peter Lindemann article for a thorough understanding of many of the issues involved in making and using colloidal silver.

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on the generators, electrode and battery life, and how to make yellow Colloidal Silver, the very best available today.

CLICK HERE for testimonials from some happy users and a report on breastfeeding and mastitis.

CLICK HERE for information from the Baranowski pamphlet on particle size, effect on beneficial bacteria, and safety of colloidal silver.

CLICK HERE for our simple recommendations for Essential Supplements for Health.

CLICK HERE for an amusing note on "snake oil."

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From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_uses_of_silver
Silver and silver compounds have an oligodynamic effect and are toxic for bacteria, algae and fungi in vitro. It is established that the antibacterial action of silver is dependent on the silver ion. The effectiveness of silver compounds as an antiseptic is based on the ability of the biologically active silver ion (Ag+) to irreversibly damage key enzyme systems in the cell membranes of pathogens.
It has long been known that the antibacterial action of silver is enhanced by the presence of an electric field. Applying a few volts of electricity across silver electrodes drastically enhances the rate that bacteria in solution are killed.
The reference dose, published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1991, which recommends the estimated daily exposure which is unlikely to incur a appreciable risk of deleterious effects during a lifetime, is 5 g/kg/d; meaning 5 microgram of silver per kilo of weight per person each day about 1 quart of 10 ppm colloidal silver per month (about 1 ounce per day).

Safe Silver House!
The AK Steel Concept Home, a private residence, has been designed and built as a showcase for steel and antimicrobial silver-coated steel. It is a functional and artistic expression of the strength and flexibility of steel and allows manufacturers to realize the growing demand for antimicrobial products.
The AgION antimicrobial compound inhibits the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi and other microbes through the release of silver (Ag) ions. The controlled release of silver ions provides continuous antimicrobial protection for the product for the life of the coating. Click here for more on how the silver-coated steel acts on germs.


Conclusions to a study on the effects of using Colloidal Silver:
"Ingestion of properly prepared CS does not result in silver accumulating in the body. There is no evidence that silver deposits significantly in hair or fingernails and, in fact, the data supports the conclusion that after taking more than 2 mg of CS per day for several months, silver seems to be purged from the body (mostly through urine) at about the same rate at which it is consumed. Furthermore, upon terminating CS intake, it appears that as much as half the silver residing in body tissue will be purged (through urine and feces, but more and more through feces as time goes on) in less than a month. Even this relatively short residence time could be  reduced substantially if several liters of water were consumed daily." (Continued below)*

While it is certainly true that the study only addresses how one person's body handled colloidal silver elimination, the findings of the study support the logical conclusions made by many who have been involved with colloidal silver for years. Colloidal silver does NOT respond in the body in the same ways that silver compounds do.

The completion of this study marks the first real step toward conclusive evidence that the risk of colloidal silver toxicity is negligible to nonexistent. It can be stated with extreme confidence that a body, under normal conditions, does not retain colloidal silver in bodily tissues in any form, especially if the daily colloidal silver consumption is 2 mg or less ( more than twelve ounces of 5 ppm colloidal silver daily).

Furthermore, there is no data to suggest that doubling this daily intake would demonstrate different results in the body's ability to eliminate colloidal silver.

The Parts Per Million ( PPM ) issue is very confusing. Should one use a colloidal silver product with a high concentration or low one?

There are many technical considerations to address in making this determination. Generally speaking, a 3 - 5 ppm high quality colloidal silver product is a sufficient concentration for effectiveness in the body.

With extremely clean production methods, one can achieve a high quality colloidal silver at slightly greater concentrations, but any added benefit is questionable. For external use, greater concentrations may be desirable to increase the amount of actual silver exposed to the skin. We would not "offhand" recommend the use of silver products with high concentrations without fully disclosed laboratory analysis. Questions that need to be answered in such cases: 1) How much silver is actually in one standard dose? 2) What is the particle size range? 3) Are there any compounds or stabilizers in the product? 4) How are the particles dispersed in the solution? Most companies that market a high ppm colloidal silver will not answer all of these questions. Many, we have found, will not give you the time of day if you ask these questions, and request to see the results of both a TEM and studies conducted via atomic adsorption (AAS). We see incredible value in both methods of analysis. The silence of these companies when faced with sincere and well-placed questions speaks for itself."

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