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Make excellent CS for less!

$195.   Silvonic Pro
Automatic CS Generator with Conductivity Meter.
Lifetime warranty.  Made in USA

 Countertop Distiller
make your own high-quality distilled water for making CS and drinking. Now only $179. (Discount with a generator!)

 Make Colloidal Silver Ointment

 Terminator Zapper for   blood purification and parasites $129. (Discount with a generator!)

More Info:
"Natural Antibiotic"

"A Closer Look"

"Particle Size"

During the first 30 days of using one of our colloidal silver generators, if it does not meet your expectations, simply return it in good condition for a refund less 15%.

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The Silvonic Pro Automatic Nano-particle Colloidal Silver Maker.
Highest quality. Pennies per ounce. 

Silvonic Pro Automatic Colloidal Silver Maker
Introducing the 2014 Digitally Controlled Upgrade
Now only $195 including S&H in US.

"The First Aid Kit of the Future Made in USA"

We have the Silvonic Pro in stock. Same day shipping. Scroll down to order..

Automatically makes the purest, highest potency bio-available Nano-particle Ionic Colloidal Silver Hydrosol for pennies per ounce. Also makes structured micro-cluster redox water.

Colloidal or Ionic? Properly made Colloidal Silver consists of  85 - 97% silver ions, single atoms minus an electron, less than 0.0003 microns in diameter (1 microns = 0.001 millimeters). Faster CS generators cannot make consistent nano-particles. Join the Slow Silver Movement! It takes longer to make it right. Don't hurry and no worries.

Concerned about turning blue? Read why argyria does not happen with properly made CS and sensible use. If colloidal silver caused any type of problem, wouldn't we see thousands of examples by now? Opponents of colloidal silver, typically shills for Big Pharma, cite a very few instances of argyria caused by using improperly made silver solutions, not by properly made nano-particle colloidal silver as made by our Silvonic CS Generators.

Download an excellent article on how and why silver ions kill microbes.

I have used colloidal silver almost every day for over 20 years, very seldom get sick and never for more than a few days. My protocol: at night, after flossing and brushing, I take a mouthful of CS, swish it around to protect my teeth and gums, hold it for a few minutes so it gets absorbed, and then swallow. In the rare event that I feel a challenge from a virus or bacteria, I will drink several ounces as often as I want, irrigate my sinuses, and inhale CS with a nebulizer. At 69, I take no medications and have the vitality of a 25 year old!          Phil Safier, Pres. Elixa, Ltd.

Click here for our FAQ, research papers, and other useful background on Colloidal Silver.

No maintenance or replacement parts needed. 3-4 day delivery almost everywhere.
Includes Universal 110-240V power supply. Works with batteries, solar panels, etc.

Silvonic Pro Automatic Nano Colloidal Silver Generator $195 including S&H in US
Includes free AC power supply and EC-3 Conductivity Meter! 
Lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Made in USA.

Makes over 100 gallons per pair of 99.99% pure* silver rods (included).
*See certificate of purity.

The Silvonic Pro makes up to 1 quart at a time without stirring but works best with 8-24 oz.  It  can take around 2-3 hours* (or longer if cold) to make 16 oz/.5L due to ultra-low current used to produce smallest (nano) particles and highest ratio of ions. The automatic shut-off feature means that you cannot ruin a batch! Just set it and forget it. You will get consistently excellent Colloidal Silver every time because the Silvonic Pro monitors the amount of silver in the water. You can check your water for purity too with the included EC-3 conductivity meter. And it will run on just about any power! We include an AC power supply and an auxiliary power cable to use with batteries, solar panels, etc.
*CS Generators with faster brew times cannot make highest quality CS.

Our rods have a U shape for two important reasons: You can get twice as much silver in a satandard pint jar than with straight rods, and with no ends in the water, no tip discharge which introduces large particles that reduce the effectiveness of the CS.

Inhale Colloidal Silver with our Nebulizer which atomizes liquids into a potent mist.
Get CS directly into the lungs  for respiratory conditions and puts nano silver into the blood quickly. Great for allergies. Stops or minimizes cold symptoms.
BPA-free cup. Compact, portable, lightweight, reliable high-frequency unit.
Only $39 if ordered with Silvonic Pro incl. S&H in US. ($49 if ordered separately.)

The Silvonic Pro Colloidal Silver Generator makes the highest quality Ionic Colloidal Silver using 99.99% pure silver electrodes. It has variable strength PPM (Parts Per Million) settings and shuts itself off automatically when it reaches the desired strength. Using the SWAP method that alternates the current (AC), the electrodes will have very little build-up and the water needs no stirring for batches 1 quart (950 ml) and under.

Our CS generator uses the most advanced circuitry available to the home brewer. The SWAP AC method produces the smallest size (.001 micron range) silver particles and the most ions (around 85%). Instead of using a timer like most other CS generators, the Silvonic Pro detects the concentration of silver in solution and stops at the target PPM. While you do not need a conductivity meter to make excellent CS with the Silvonic Pro, we provide one with our introductory kit offer. Use it to check your distilled water as well as the final result. NOTE: Some of the distilled water in stores does not meet our standards of purity! Test all water before making CS. If it has more than about 3 PPM, it will not make the best CS. If you can't find acceptable distilled water, consider getting one of our countertop distillers.

We recommend 5-10 PPM CS for best results. Nano-particle CS works better than stronger solutions which typically have larger particles. Instead of making stronger CS,  just take more 5-10 ppm! Topical uses like CS ointment can use 15-25 ppm CS. High ppm CS (over 20 ppm) usually known as "Mild silver Protein" has overly large particles and typically uses an egg protein (casein) to keep them in suspension.

Why you should have a conductivity meter: In order to make CS with the smallest particles, the water should have no minerals or other contaminants. While the Silvonic Pro lets you know if your water has an unacceptable level of minerals, a conductivity meter shows the quality of your water. You should also check your CS strength with a meter so that it does not exceed 15 PPM for internal use. We recommend 5-15 PPM for best particle size and ionic content. (Note: TDS meters read 50% low when testing colloidal silver. We prefer using a conductivity meter that reads microSiemens, a more accurate value for CS.)

With the two included 12 gauge U-shaped 99.99% pure silver rods, the Silvonic Pro can produce around 100 gallons of 10 ppm CS. Replacement rods cost $39 per pair.

Silvonic Pro CS Kit: Everything you need except water and jar.

12 gauge 99.99% pure silver rods make 100 gallons of highest quality Silver Hydrosol.
The Silvonic Pro  will work with  the included universal AC power supply or with batteries, solar panels, car adapters, etc. Uses only 7 mA from 12-36V AC or DC.

Push-in electrode sockets hold the 7" silver rods firmly in place parallel to each other. No sharp ends in the water that emit large particles like other CS generators.

Using the Silvonic Automatic CS Generator, 10 ppm Colloidal Silver costs less than $3 per gallon* for the first 100 gallons, and half that** for the second.

That works out to less than 2 cents per ounce for the finest fresh, pure Colloidal Silver money can buy! At that price, you can afford to use as much CS as you like and stay healthy and protected. You cannot ruin a batch! Plug and play = automatic perfection.

*Cost of kit + distilled water @ $1/gallon + a little electricity. ** Second set of silver rods + water + a little electricity.

Click to view detailed Instructions and pictures of the new Silvonic Pro.

Click to view detailed Instructions and pictures of the original Silvonic.

Constant-Current and alternating polarity* method for making the highest quality Ionic/Colloidal Silver Hydrosol with almost any power source (10-36V DC batteries or 110-240V AC power). Fully automatic. (Scroll down to order.)

These units ease colloidal particles and ions into distilled water at a highly controlled rate. The resulting Silver Colloid and Ionic Solution (Silver Hydrosol) is very pure, stable and clear. It is NOT light sensitive, the proof of nano-sized particles. We recommend storing CS in glass, but PETE plastic containers will work. If you have brown containers, use them, but clear will work.

The Silvonic Pro uses surface mount Integrated Chip Logic Technology to control the process and shut itself down automatically when done. It uses a conductivity referencing circuit that continuously monitors the water electronically. Timers alone simply cannot accurately control CS strength and particle size. *The SWAP method (alternating the polarity of the silver rods every 5 minutes) eliminates build-up on the electrodes and the need for stirring.

The new Silvonic Pro has a program button that makes the solution stronger than 10 ppm. Each push of the button adds 2 ppm per 16 oz batch and 1 ppm per quart.

The button can also enable the DC mode (non-alternating) that will brew faster by disabling the SWAP (Low Frequency AC) function as well as Manual Mode which prevents auto shut-off to maximize concentration (ppm) to make CS ointment and topical sprays.

The Silvonic Pro can make micro-cluster structured water with redox signalling molecules (like the outrageously expensive $40/quart Asea water), similar to the E-Water Machine, alkaline water and other electrolytic devices. For details, see Instructions.

Each unit is individually machined and hand assembled from rugged heavy-duty PVC and pre-tested for performance. Warrantied for as long as you own it!

Power Requirements:
The Silvonic Pro works with any power source from 12 to 36 volts AC or DC. Polarity issues are resolved by the internal circuitry. A 12-24V solar cell array/battery charger for cell phone, cordless drill, video camera, batteries (up to 3 car batteries in series, or 2-4 nine volt batteries plugged into each other will work. Only the process time will vary.

Lifetime Warranty: Free replacement or repair for as long as you own it if it fails due to an electrical malfunction. Since you can't hook it up wrong, only physically damaging it would cause it to fail. Return S&H not covered. Water damage voids warranty.

Money-back Guarantee:
Return it unused within 30 days for a full refund. If used, we will deduct 15%.

Instructions (click to view)

Silvonic Kit Contains:
Advanced automatic solid state circuit Silvonic Pro CS Generator.
1 Power input cable for any power 12-36V (AC, batteries, solar panels, etc.)
1 Pair 7" 12 gauge 99.99% pure silver electrodes (will make around 100 gallons of 10 ppm CS).
1 Set of instructions.
For a limited time we also include:
$15 AC power supply that produces 24V DC from 110-240V.
1 $35 EC-3 Conductivity Meter to test your water for purity and CS strength.

No stirrer needed. The SWAP function does enough stirring in batches up to 32 ounces/1L. If you need to make more at a time (not recommended), get the Magnetic Stirrer for $55. (see below).

 7" looped 12 gauge 99.99% pure silver electrodes can make around 100  gallons of 10 ppm CS.  No sharp ends in the water keeps particles small. One pair included with the kit. Extra pairs available for $39.


Free Shipping in US. S&H to Canada: $20 via US Priority Mail.  Int'l S&H: $45 via US Express Mail Insured.

We have the Silvonic Pro in stock. Same day shipping.

 Silvonic Pro $195. (includes S&H in US) Includes one pair 99.99% pure silver electrodes, AC power supply for 110-240V, and EC-3 Conductivity Meter, auxiliary power cable for batteries, solar panels, etc.
 Silvonic Pro + Ointment Kit  $215. (includes S&H in US) A $225 Value.
Includes one pair .9999 silver electrodes, AC power supply for 100V to 240V, and EC-3 Conductivity Meter, auxiliary power cable for batteries, solar panels, etc.

 Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer $49. (includes S&H in US). ($39 if purchased with Silvonic Pro. We adjust total in office.)

Extra pair 7" Silver (99.99% pure) Electrode Set $39.
(Can make more than 100 gallons 10 ppm CS) 

CS Ointment Kit $25. Makes about 3 quarts to a gallon of gel. Includes instructions, a nice domed 8oz container and a 2 oz "Cold Creme" type container to put the gel in. ($20 if ordered with a generator.)

EC3 Conductivity Meter (Included with the Silvonic Pro)
9. (S&H included in US and Canada)
Measures conductivity in microSiemens more accurately than TDS meters for colloidal silver.
Magnetic Stirrer $55. (only needed for batches larger than 32 oz)

Combine Colloidal Silver with zapping (blood electrification) for a potent 1-2 punch.

Purchase the Terminator II Zapper + Silvonic Pro for only $309. (Includes S&H in Cont. US. Add $45 S&H for Europe) Save $20

Combine Colloidal Silver with Ozonated water (for drinking, cleaning, etc).

Purchase the Water Ozonator + Silvonic Pro for only $315. (Includes S&H in Cont. US.

Make your own distilled water, 1 gallon/4 hours. Recommended only if you do not have access to distilled water or if you intend to drink distilled water (a good idea).

Purchase the Countertop Distiller + Silvonic Pro for only $359. (Includes S&H in Cont. US)
Purchase the Countertop Distiller + Silvonic Pro + Terminator Zapper for only $479. (Includes S&H in Cont. US)

Save even more when you order compatible items together.

Purchase the Silvonic Pro + Ointment Kit  + Nebulizer for only $249. (Includes S&H in Cont. US)
Purchase the Silvonic Pro + Ointment Kit  + Nebulizer + Terminator II Zapper for only $369. (Includes S&H in Cont. US)
THE FULL BECK MONTE! Purchase the Silvonic Pro + Ointment Kit  + Nebulizer + Water Ozonator + Terminator II Zapper for only $489. (Includes S&H in Cont. US)

European AC versions:

Purchase the Countertop Distiller (European version for 220-240v systems)+ Silvonic Pro for only $379. (Plus $130 S&H)

European AC versions:

Purchase the Countertop Distiller (European version for 220-240v systems) + Silvonic Pro  + Terminator Zapper  for only $489. (Plus $130 S&H)

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