Colloidal Silver Generators
Make excellent CS for less!

·$195.   Silvonic Pro
Automatic CS Generator with Conductivity Meter.
Lifetime warranty.  Made in USA.

·$369.   Silvonic Turbo
One Gallon Automatic CS Generator with Magnetic Stirrer and Conductivity Meter.
Lifetime warranty.  Made in USA

• Countertop Distiller
make your own high-quality distilled water for making CS and drinking. Now only $179. (Discount with a generator!)

• Make Colloidal Silver Ointment

• Terminator Zapper for   blood purification and parasites $129. (Discount with a generator!)

More Info:
"Natural Antibiotic"

"A Closer Look"

"Particle Size"

During the first 30 days of using one of our colloidal silver generators, if it does not meet your expectations, simply return it in good condition for a refund less 15%.

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Conductivity and TDS Meters verify Colloidal Silver strength
and check water purity.

We recommend the new Silvonic Pro Colloidal Silver Generator
with automatic shut-off, the most advanced on the market.
It comes with the EC-3 conductivity meter for lab-quality results. 

Click here for our FAQ, research papers, and other useful background on Colloidal silver.

Why you should have a meter: In order to make CS with the smallest particles, the water should have no minerals or other contaminants. Without a conductivity meter, you cannot tell the quality of your water. You should also check your CS strength with a meter so that it does not exceed 10 PPM for internal use. We recommend 5-10 PPM CS for best results. Nano-particle CS works better than stronger solutions which typically have larger particles. Instead of making stronger CS,  just take more 5-10PPM! Topical uses like CS ointment can use 15-25 PPM CS.

The EC-3 measures conductivity in microSiemens (΅S), a more accurate way of determining Colloidal Silver strength than TDS meters which typically read 50% low with silver.
1 ΅S = 1 ppm (approximately)

• Ideal for commercial use. Includes a carrying case with belt clip.
• Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology.
• Hold Function: saves measurements for convenient reading and recording.
• Auto-off function: the meter shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.
• Measurement Range: 0-9990 ΅S. From 0-999 ΅S, the resolution is in increments of 1 ΅S. From 1000 to 9990 ΅S, the resolution is in increments of 10 ΅S, indicated by a blinking 'x10' image.
• Built-in digital thermometer
• Display: large and easy-to-read LCD screen.
• Factory Calibrated: our meters are calibrated with a 700 ΅S NaCl solution. Meters can be recalibrated with a mini-screwdriver. [Double Checked in 10 PPM CS]

• TDS* Range: 0 - 9990 ΅S (΅S/cm)
• Temp. Range: 0 - 80 degrees Celsius
• Resolution: 1 ΅S; 10 ΅S, 0.1 degree Celsius
• Accuracy: +/- 2%
• ATC: Built-in sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensation of 1 to 50o C (33 to 122o F)
• Power source: 2 x 1.5V button cell batteries (included)
• Battery life: 1000 hours of usage
• Dimensions: 15.5 x 3.1 x 2.3cm (6.1 x 1.25 x 1 inches)


   EC3 Conductivity Meter $39. S&H included in US and Canada


How can I get the best possible readings?
Shake: Always make sure to shake excess water off the meter before dipping it into a water sample, even if it's the same water.
Stir/tap: After dipping the meter in the water, always lightly tap it against the side and stir the meter to remove any lingering air bubbles or electrical charges.
Positioning: When taking the reading, always make sure to hold the meter straight up without it touching the sides or bottom of the glass/beaker/cup. The probes should be suspended as close to the center of the water sample as possible.
Time: The longer the meter is in the water, the more accurate the reading will be.
Temperature: 77° F (25° C) is the ideal temperature for conductivity readings, even if the meter has ATC.
Rinse: If switching between very low and very high ppm water, always rinse the probes with distilled water to avoid any build-up.
Are TDS meters really conductivity meters?
Yes. While EC and TDS are often used synonymously, there are some important differences to note. EC, when applied to water, refers to the electrical charge of a given water sample. TDS refers to the total amount of substances in the water other than the pure H2O. The only true way of measuring TDS is to evaporate the water and weigh what’s left. Since this is near impossible to do for the average person, is it possible to estimate the TDS level by measuring the EC of the water. Every digital TDS meter in the world is actually an EC meter. Copyright HM Digital

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