Colloidal Silver Generators
Make excellent CS for less!

$195.   Silvonic Pro
Automatic CS Generator with Conductivity Meter.
Lifetime warranty.  Made in USA.

$369.   Silvonic Turbo
One Gallon Automatic CS Generator with Magnetic Stirrer and Conductivity Meter.
Lifetime warranty.  Made in USA

 Countertop Distiller
make your own high-quality distilled water for making CS and drinking. Now only $179. (Discount with a generator!)

 Make Colloidal Silver Ointment

 Terminator Zapper for   blood purification and parasites $129. (Discount with a generator!)

More Info:
"Natural Antibiotic"

"A Closer Look"

"Particle Size"

During the first 30 days of using one of our colloidal silver generators, if it does not meet your expectations, simply return it in good condition for a refund less 15%.

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The Silver Pulser:
Colloidal Silver Generator with
Beck  Parasite Zapper Blood Electrifier 

"First Aid Kit of the Future"

If you want to make the best Colloidal Silver possible at the lowest cost, automatically, with a lifetime warranty, we highly recommend the new Silvonic Pro Colloidal Silver Generator, the most advanced on the market. Automatic shut-off, variable strength, 100 gallon electrodes, PPM meter, AC power supply, and Lifetime Warranty. Special pricing  with the wireless Terminator Zapper, the most advanced wearable blood electrifier. 

Colloidal Silver Generators
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