Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver acts as a powerful natural antimicrobial that kills most bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Used regularly, it helps prevent infections and lessens their effects. Research at Rice University shows that ions of silver (not uncharged particles) suffocate pathogenic organisms by disabling the enzyme needed to use oxygen. Fortunately, silver ions have no negative effects on the enzymes we need nor on any other aspect of human function.
While you can buy excellent Colloidal Silver in stores and on-line, why pay as much as $5 per ounce for solutions of unknown quality and potency when you can easily make your own fresh for pennies per ounce? You control the strength and know exactly what it has in it (distilled water and pure silver). It requires no skill or monitoring. We have eliminated all the guess work and made it impossible to ruin a batch.

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver for Pennies per Ounce.

Our advanced CS Generators make it easy to make highest-quality CS for pennies per ounce. Our Silvonic Pro Automatic CS generator uses the constant voltage and constant current method that produces high potency fresh solutions with nano particles in the most desirable ratio to ionic silver as shown by its ability to withstand exposure to light.

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