• Automatic silver generator creates pure nano-ionic colloidal silver for pennies per ounce.
  • LED Light Therapy speeds healing, pain relief, improves circulation.
  • Gentle micro-current balances neurotransmitters to improve sleep, mood, focus, memory, without side effects.
  • Instant Meditation, Accelerated Learning, Sleep, Mood, Energy.
  • Pain relief, accelerated healing, bone strengthening
Elixa: 30 years of producing cutting-edge health products and information on natural methods of attaining optimal well-being.

We believe that one must pay attention to physical, mental, and emotional issues to achieve optimal wellness and peak being. At Elixa, you will find products that go beyond simple maintenance and quick “cures”. We focus on the essentials that establish a strong foundation for vibrant living and adaptation to stress.

More on our philosophy in a short video.

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We recommend you learn more about:

  • Colloidal Silver Generators Make a powerful natural antibiotic to strengthen immune system, disinfect, speed healing … automatically!
  • Healing Light TherapyRelieve pain, speed healing, tone skin, reduce fat, treat infection, improve mood… Safe, effective, inexpensive.
  • Nutrition EssentialsImprove digestion and absorption of nutrients, increase focus, increase energy, improve sleep…
  • Mind Machines: Increase focus, comprehension, productivity, happiness, flow, relaxation, improve sleep, reduce stress, change self-sabotaging programming, instantly meditate like a monk…
  • Magnetic Therapy: PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy) for pain, healing, osteoporosis. Portable, safe. Better than ice for injuries!

Our Guarantee:

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with our products. If you try them and do not feel that they meet your expectations, please return them in 30 days for a refund*.

Phil Safier, President of Elixa, Ltd.
*(Less 15%. No refund on MP3s or nutrients.)