DentaRay MultiColor LED BioLight Wand


Back in stock! DentaRay MultiColor LED BioLight Wand. Safe, effective, affordable red, blue and gree LED light improves oral hygiene by killing the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease as well as acne and MRSA. Helps to rebuild tissue. Soothes sore muscles and chronic pain, relieves stiffness, increases circulation. This safe alternative to drugs will amaze you with rapid effects.

Has 2 heads, 1 Red light and 1 Blue light, and runs on 2 standard AA batteries (included).

For a limited time, we include a Tourmaline Neck Wrap at no extra charge.


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An Elixa exclusive! Now back in stock.

High Power LEDs in a battery-operated handheld that lets you shine healing light on those hard-to-reach areas like teeth and gums or wherever else might need it.

2 interchangeable heads:

1.) 660nm (red) LED light speeds healing of wounds, infections, and reduces the bacteria that cause tooth decay and abscesses.

2.) Blue: 470nm (Blue) LED light reduces bacteria that cause acne, other skin disorders including some periodontal conditions.

DentaRay MultiColor LED BioLight Wand Kit Contains

  • 1 Red (660nm) head
  • 1 Blue(470nm) head
  • 2 AA batteries

Cleanable head for sterilizing in H2O2, etc.

Consult with your dentist and use with a program of good oral hygiene including colloidal silver rinses, clove oil, cashews, etc.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


Use lots of fresh Colloidal Silver Hold it in your mouth for several minutes before swallowing.

1. Eat raw cashews.
2. Brush with pure soap and/or very salty water.
3. Use a dental irrigator (eg WaterPik) and pure Colloidal Silver.
4. Rinse with clove oil, oregano oil, dilute hydrogen peroxide.
5. Shine blue light for gum problems. Follow with red light to rebuild tissue.
6. Shine red light for abscesses, cavities, etc.





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